Training, Teaching, and Other Goings On

Oh my goodness, I’m actually posting something here for the first time in over 6 months. Hurrah for a break in the static!

Since I last wrote, I finished my 200 hour teacher training and am now officially a certified yoga teacher. Yay! The training was wonderful, but definitely intense. A typical day involved about 3 hours of asana, followed by practical lessons in anatomy and sequencing, a bit of practice teaching, and some discussion about the sutras or a niche specialty within yoga (restorative, prenatal, teaching beginners, etc). We also had a fair amount of homework – loads of reading, teaching scripts, sequences, philosophy essays, and, of course, taking many, many required yoga classes.

It was all worth it. I cultivated a better understand of everything that makes yoga a complete mind-body experience, garnered more strength inside and out, deepened my own practice, and made some wonderful new friends. A bunch of us have formed a monthly philosophy discussion group and have already met a few times. Sure, we touch on the sutras or bhagavad gita for an hour or so…but we mostly just chat, laugh, drink wine, and eat snacks.

YTT Down Under sept 2014- March 2015 Natasha Rizopoulos spicy

Here’s the whole gang on our last day of training, as exhausted and happy as can be. I am so grateful to have shared this experience with these particular people. They’re a special bunch.

Since then, I’ve been trying to gain teaching experience wherever and whenever I can. From March through the end of June, I taught yoga for the local elementary school teachers, which was so much fun. I kept each class very simple and stress-relieving; slow warm-up, simple flow and standing sequence, lots of yummy stretchy stuff, and a very long savasana. By the end of the school year, I had several “regulars”, all of whom are pulling some budgetary strings so that I might continue teaching that same class once school resumes in September. I’m also working with a few private clients and will be teaching yoga for teens at a local Summer camp through July and August. All good stuff that will hopefully lead to even more good stuff.

My own practice these days varies daily. If I take a studio class, then my home practice basically consists of long holds in down dog (5 minutes), forearm plank (3 minutes), baby cobra (3 minutes), navasana (1 minute), and sirsasana (5 minutes), with a few vinyasa between. If I don’t take a studio class, then my home practice is the same as above, plus some flowy fun and workshop-ish playtime with arm balances and inversions. Since Natasha now teaches a master class for yoga teachers each week, I let that be my time for seriousness and type-A focus on the mat and simply let my time be for me. It’s a perfect compromise.

Hoping to spend more time here as the Summer brings with it some extra time. Namaste.

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