Happy Halloween!

display-8To celebrate, I’ve been thinking about ways to include more, tricks, treats, and Halloween fun into my practice (and yours, too!). Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Hitchcock: Do all of the bird postures and their many, many variations – eagle, crow, pigeon, swan, bird of paradise, peacock.

Dark: Close your eyes in a posture that feels strong, but that you can hold for awhile (I’ve done it in down dog, warrior two, tree, trikonasana, urdhva dhanyurasana, and sirsasana). Stay for as long as you’d like. Is it scary or totally awesome? Or maybe a little of both?

Moonlit: Do an evening practice weaving chandra namaskar (moon salutation) variations with crescent and half moon postures.

Stormy: Utkatasana has several translations and one of them happens to be “lightning bolt pose”. Play with adding more lightning strikes throughout your sequence.

Creepy crawlies: Incorporate some reptiles, amphibians, and insects into your practice – lizard, cobra, frog, scorpion, firefly, or grasshopper. Eek!

A murder: Begin and end every Surya Namaskar B with crow pose. Try to do five Bs, ten crows. Murderous!

Headless horseman: Hold vatayanasana until you lose your mind. Or! Hold humble horse (which is actually a variation of goddess pose) for awhile and let your head just hang loose.

Linda Blair: Warm up with a ton of hip, hamstring, and shoulder openers, then practice poses that make you look like you’re in the throes of an exorcism, like visvamitrasana, eka pada sirsasana, bound lotus, bound compass, and (standing) kurmasana. (…or you can just take this class where the apex pose is referred to as “The Exorcist“).

Tricks: Play with handstand throughout Surya Namaskar B. Instead of moving through a vinyasa to switch sides, go right from warrior one on the right leg into handstand, then land with the left foot in front and come into warrior one on that side. Move through a vinyasa, then play with piking up to a handstand to get back to the front of the mat. Whee!

Treats: Do restorative and/or supported versions of your favorite postures.

And, of course, you can’t have a Halloween yoga practice without the ultimate spooky pose…

Corpse pose: Spend some extra time in savasana, then rise from the dead like a zombie yogi.

Enjoy your Halloween! Namaste.

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