Practice 6.18-25.14

Fact: Taking a fast flow class on the day of Summer solstice is no joke. Angelina had us do a ton of Sun A’s. I lost count after 15.  We also did a ton of hip stuff – pigeon, wild thing, side plank with the top leg extended upward, etc – while moving through our normal flowy fun. I continued to work on transitioning from handstand into bakasana, which I can now do without falling most of the time. During backbends, I got Angelina’s blessing to work scorpion in pincha mayurasana. My shoulders were super warm from all those sun salutations and wanted to use it! It felt great.

I was bummed that I couldn’t make it to pilates or to Liz’s class last Friday. My daughter’s year-end class breakfast went a little longer than I had anticipated. I’m looking forward to getting there this week.

Monday’s classes were fun. There were several new faces in the TRX class, so Ebba had to slow things down a little. It was a good work out anyway, though. I definitely felt my triceps and legs afterward! Jasmine’s class was all about hamstrings – lengthening and strengthening. We did loads of Sun A and Sun B, plank work, eagle, triangle, prasarita A/headstand, standing splits, utthita hasta padangustasana, warrior 3, anjananeyasana, and hanuman.  Janusirsasana and pashimottonasana wound us down before savasana.

Today, I’m resting. I did my home practice and spent some time on the elliptical yesterday and injured my left hip somehow. I’m prone to soreness in that joint and I think it might just be inflamed from overuse, but better to be safe than sorry. Ice, aleve, and rest today will hopefully help me feel strong enough to take my usual classes tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday. Whether it does or doesn’t, I made an appointment with an orthopedist for next week. Maybe a cortisone shot will help. I’ll keep you posted.


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