Practice 5.20-23.14

Hard to believe, but I actually took a complete day off from exercise on Tuesday. I had a coughing kid at home and spent the day cuddled up with her, watching old movies. Days like that are sometimes just as restorative as a complete yoga practice. Being completely present for someone who needs some extra TLC is good for everyone involved.

On Wednesday, she was feeling better and went back to school, so I started my day with this class and some time on the elliptical. I love side plank and all of its counterparts and variations, so I had a fun time on my mat. I often find chapasana in side planks to be a bit disorienting, so being encouraged to drop right back into wild thing was a good option.

Thursday came with only an hour to practice, so I took this class, which was plenty. So much navasana! There’s some clever transition work, too, like taking ardha matsyendrasana right into warrior 3. Good, solid, strong class!

Today, I did my own practice for just over an hour. Long holds in forearm plank, tree, warrior 2, bound side angle, half moon, warrior 3, goddess, navasana, crescent, sparrow, and chair linked with lots of vinyasa, plus some arm balances (flying pigeon, bakasana) and inversions (handstand, headstand). I closed it out with some forearm scorpion, forward folds, happy baby, and supine twists before savasana.


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