Practice 5.17.14

This morning’s usual class was super fun.

Angelina started the practice with some seated meditation and forward-folds in sukhasana. From there, we moved through cat/cow, focusing on openness through the chest and upper back.

Warm-up involved loads of plank and chaturanga, again focusing on the work of the chest to prep us for arm balances later in class. Sun A’s and B’s brought us to twisting chair and navasana. Navasana led to a few intense minutes of core work, then we moved into our handstand practice. I stayed in on my mat (as opposed to joining the Night’s Watch and moving to the wall) and practiced straight-legged pikes. I even managed a short hold in handstand scorpion – whee!

Once everyone was done with their handstands, we moved through a beautiful warrior sequence spiced-up with standing splits, half moon, bound side angle, triangle, and prasarita c. We rested a bit through padangustasana and padahastasana, then lowered into malasana to prep for arm balances. Today’s practice included bakasana, bhujapidasna, and titibasana. Titibasana is one of those postures that took me awhile to master, mostly because the hip flexors are doing almost all of the work and mine were very weak after my pregnancies. So, every time I do it and manage to fully extend and hold, I feel really proud and strong. It doesn’t happen with every single attempt, but it did today. Definitely a great way to start the weekend!

After that, we moved through some shalambasana and bow, then a long-held sirsanasa. We continued cooling down with thread-the-needle, happy baby, and some supine twists before closing the practice in savanasa.

Namaste! I’ll be back on Monday.




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