Practice 5.14-5.16.14

I’ve been trying something different this week by using abbreviated (20-30 minutes) classes on yogaglo as a warm-up for cardio. I rather like it. It’s a good way to get a yoga fix while still reserving enough energy to hit the elliptical or take a walk.

On Wednesday, I did this class followed by 30 minutes on my elliptical and some plank/core work. I like this class, but would love it if she didn’t teach the sped-up sun A sequence. Rushing through movements that are supposed to be mindful is the antithesis of yoga, in my opinion, and could also be quite injurious for some people. I decided to practice a long-held sirsasana while she moved through that part, then joined in when it was done. Other than that, it’s a solid practice for only a half hour. I love the dancing warrior sequences and, of course, the inversion and arm balance work. Good stuff.

Yesterday, I only had time for an hour of yoga and decided to take this class. Dice’s classes are always challenging for me and always seem to remind me of postures that I don’t practice often enough. It was so nice to get into mermaid pose after not doing it for many, many months! The practice centered around the hips, so there were long holds in single pigeon, warrior 2, goddess, and hanuman, as well as hip opening variations during inversions and arm balances.

Today, I woke with a bunch of excess energy and really wanted to move, so I opted for this class before hopping on the elliptical for a little while. Holy Moses. Non-stop indeed! Twenty-five minutes straight of high-energy, well-rounded flow with loads of core and hip flexor work throughout. I’ll definitely feel this class tomorrow, but it was  just what I needed today.

This weekend should be fun, despite the rain. Tomorrow, I’ll take my normal morning class, then, on Sunday afternoon, I have my first meeting for my upcoming teacher training. Very exciting! There are several other things on my schedule that make me smile – a much-needed haircut/color, soccer games, book club, cooking, and maybe even a living room date (i.e.: thai take-away and a movie after the kids are in bed) with my husband.  I hope you have a smile-filled weekend ahead, too.



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